Loan Automation

I created a way for pre-qualified credit union members to instantly accept a small loan online to fund their holiday expenses.


The credit union offered a program called “Christmas Cash”. It offered pre-qualified credit union members to receive a small, high-interest loan to help them fund their holiday expenses.

I created a way for those pre-qualified members to accept the loan from within the online banking system. Once they accept the loan, the funds are instantly available in their checking account and the loan is also immediately listed on their account.

My Involvement

I worked with one other developer on this project. The other developer created a program on the Symitar core processing system that created records on accounts for which the loan was available.

I then created the online banking code to read those records and offer the loan to the user. I also created the process the user would go through to accept the loan. Then my code would make a call back to the other programmer’s code to fund and create the loan.

I also wrote additional code to capture the user’s signature and generate a PDF document showing acceptance of the loan that was sent to the credit union’s imaging system.

Once the program was tested in development, I moved the code to test and then production in the online banking system.


The program launched successfully. There were no problems reported. The credit union saw a record number of loans created with millions of dollars in revenue.

Technologies Used

C# ASP.NET MVC SymConnect CSS jQuery JavaScript Git Visual Studio Windows Server